Correspondence Courses

Bible Explorations offers three Bible study correspondence courses that are free upon request, covering the following three topics: the Book of Acts, the Gospel of John, and Ephesians.

Course Format

The format of the courses is one of questions and answers. In each lesson the student is given a series of questions to research whose answers are found in the portion of Scripture they are studying. We ask the lesson be returned to us with answers on which we may comment. We then return the lesson with a "Suggested Answers" sheet to be compared to the student's findings. We also include the next lesson.

Subject Matter

THE BOOK OF ACTS course consists of 28 lessons. It is suggested this course be taken first because its contents are fundamental to understanding The Gospel of John and Ephesians. Acts is a history of events that occurred during the 35 years after Christ ascended. It shows the transition from an exclusively Jewish following of Christ to the time when God set Israel aside and sent Christ to the nations. It includes a study of the travels of Paul, the apostle to the gentiles.

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN course consists of 21 lessons. This book is written after God set Israel aside. It is to, and for, the world, showing the deity of Christ, His finished work to redeem the world, and how one may obtain life in resurrection.

The EPHESIANS course consists of 14 lessons. It presumes the student is familiar with the Book of Acts and the Gospel of John. Ephesians was written to faithful saints who had heard and believed God's final revelation: His calling out of members to the church which is Christ's body. This course is designed to help Christians know what is God's calling and hope for us today.

Get Started

The first lesson in each course may be downloaded for your examination.  If you would like to take the course simply complete and submit the first lesson.  The correspondence portion of the courses may be accomplished via email or via standard post.

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