Number In Scripture
It's Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance

by Dr. E. W. Bullinger

Reverent minds have long been attracted by the phenomena of Biblical Numerics. In many cases the use and reuse of numbers in the Bible leave the impression that a deeper significance is intended than that which first meets the eye.

In Number In Scripture, E. W. Bullinger has endeavored to explore the entire field and present conclusions in accord with facts and free of needless spiritualization. In the process he has constructed a book that is both captivating and validly helpful. It is also relatively free of the excesses which so often characterize works of this nature.

The author's deep appreciation of Scripture shows itself in a thorough familiarity with the entire Bible, but the Sacred Rook is not his sole textbook as is shown by his extensive knowledge of the natural world and related subjects.

The first section of the work deals with the significance of numbers as they relate to the works of God in the natural world around us. The second section presents an overview of numerics as seen in the Bible as a whole. This section includes thought provoking material on the way Biblical Numerics suggest a solution to the problems of authorship in Hebrews and II Peter. The remaining portion examines each Biblically mentioned numeral from one to six hundred and sixty-six and seeks to discern its special spiritual significance and connotation.


"...will confirm [your] faith, enlarge [your] knowledge of Scripture, and strengthen [your] spiritual life." Inner Witness

"Does not launch into undue fanciful ideas...a monumental work." Gospel Advocate