Books by Dr. E. W. Bullinger

Appendixes To The Companion Bible Spiral Binding $11.00
Hardbound $15.00
The Book of Job Paperback $9.00
Hardbound $14.00
The Chief Musician or Studies In The Psalms, And Their Titles   $13.00
The Church Epistles (Romans To Thessalonians)
Their Importance, Order, Inter-relation, Structure, Scope, and Interpretation.
Commentary On Revelation   $21.00
The Companion Bible Burgundy Hardbound $35.00
Burgundy Bonded Leather $50.00
Burgundy Genuine Leather with Tabs $60.00
Black Bonded Leather $70.00
Black Bonded Leather with Tabs $75.00
Black Genuine Leather $80.00
Black Genuine Leather with Tabs $90.00
A Critical Lexicon And Concordance To The English And Greek New Testament
Presenting every English word in the New testament alphabetically, with the Greek word or words from which it is translated, with a list of passages in which it occurs. An English-Greek Lexicon and a Concordance combined.
Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible - Explained And Illustrated
Man may use figures in ignorance, without any particular object. But when the Holy Spirit takes up human words and used a figure (or a peculiar form), it is for a special purpose, and that purpose must be observed and due weight given to it.
The Foundations Of Dispensational Truth
A searching inquiry into the subject, written in terms which are clearly readable and easily assimilated, answering many Scriptural problems which to the uninitiated have appeared to be contradictory.
Great Cloud Of Witnesses In Hebrews Eleven
A comprehensive and close study of Paul's epistle to the Hebrews, chapter eleven.
How To Enjoy The Bible
A guide in method of Bible study and an excellent work of reference. It teaches the student how to weigh and to evaluate the words of God, a necessity to true understanding.
Number In Scripture - It's Supernatural Design And Spiritual Significance Paperback $12.00
Selected Writings
A selection of some of the best of the shorter works of Dr. Bullinger not now available in any other form.
The Witness Of The Stars
"He telleth the number of the stars;
He giveth them all their names."
- Psalm 147:4 R.V.
Word Studies On The Holy Spirit
A study of the Holy Spirit and his work. An exposition of the use of the Greek word pneuma in the New Testament, with a classified list of passages and a complete index of occurrences.